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Monday, June 18, 2018

Around Town: Wyoming Fun Run

The temperature never made it over the freezing mark on March 10, but that didn’t stop 210 “fun runners” from lacing up their shoes and supporting the Wyoming School Foundation. With spectators in goose-down coats, and some runners in shorts, every friendly Wyoming face was happy to be a part of this community 5K race event – even Wyoming’s own Olympian, David Payne. Donning his silver Olympic medal, David posed with many a runner and spectator alike, and he gave the winning runners a medal in each age category. The fastest time clocked in at 17.45 – just in time for pancakes at the Wyoming Civic Center. Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors, over $5600 was raised for the Wyoming School Foundation. Congratulations to all involved.

Lindsey, Madi, and Ceili posed with Olympian David Payne at the Wyoming School Foundation Fun Run on March 10.  

And they’re off….

All ages and abilities had a chance to run or walk in the event. 

Sara won her age bracket and was all smiles posing with David Payne.  

These Wyoming High School boys were happy to wake early, happy to run, happy to support their community, and happy when it was over so they could get this photo with Olympian David Payne.

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