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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

St. Ursula Villa News - May

Villa 8th Graders Earn Scholarships
St. Ursula Villa’s Class of 2018 has amassed more than $477,00 in high school merit scholarship offers to 41% of the class. These scholarships from various Cincinnati-area schools are based on Villa 8th graders’ impressive high school entrance exams and academic records. Additionally, 100% of the class was accepted into their first-choice high school. Successful transition and placement into competitive high schools is a hallmark of St. Ursula Villa’s Junior High program which emphasizes study skills, time management, independence, and student leadership.
Villa scholarship recipients - Front row: Izzy McGarvey (Hyde Park), Anna Iacobucci (Hyde Park), Symone Conley, Mary Bingaman, Audrey Kirwin. Center: Lulu Murphy, Shea Chamberlain, Harry Albach (Hyde Park), Joe Scullin, Danny O’Grady (Hyde Park), Roman Kindt. Rear: Ann Welling, Kelsey Horst, Claire Coleman, Claire Ratkey, Sydney Gardner, and Karalee Broderick.

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