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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hyde Park School News - May

Hyde Park School Science Fair
Hyde Park School recently held its fifth grade Science Fair.  Combining their knowledge of the scientific method with creativity, students investigated a range of topics in a variety of science fields. Students found  questions to be investigated, wrote and developed procedures to test specific hypotheses, recorded results, drew conclusions and perfected presentations to share their findings. 
This valuable learning experience will serve these fledgling scientists throughout their school careers and beyond.
5th graders Louise Meridieth and Maeve Clancy share their research into the benefits of hand soap and hand sanitizer.

5th grader Gavin McCracken presents his study on the effects of video games on heart rate to Lizzy Rebber.

5th grader Jordan Stange pursued his interest in football to investigate how air pressure can affect the distance a kicked football will travel.

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