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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hyde Park School News

Spelling Bee Results
Hyde Park School recently held its yearly spelling bee. The final 14 students, who represented grades 3 through 6, took center stage in what proved to be the most challenging spell-down in the school’s history.  
The 14 finalists at the Hyde Park School spelling bee - top row: Emma Ennis, Sheridan Hennessy, Jalen Atwood, Selima Auosheva, Luke Greiner, Cameron Morgan; bottom row: Julian Cassidy, Azaria Stallworth, Nora McAndrew, Rhys Wise, Matias Knudsen, Hardik Garg, Oliver Koehler, David Scott
After an hour in which the students made their way through words such as “truculently” and “merengue,” the contest narrowed down to two  contestants…6th graders Selima Auosheva and last year’s regional champion, Sheridan Hennessy. Sheridan successfully defended her title when she correctly spelled the words “enorganic” and “indolent.” 
Sheridan will represent Hyde Park School at the Scripps Regional Spelling Bee with the hope of once again making it to the National Speling Bee in Washington, D.C. this spring. 
The teachers and staff at Hyde Park School are proud of the accomplishments of all the contestants as well as the good sportsmanship displayed by all. 

6th graders Sheridan Hennessy and Selima Auosheva were the final two standing at the Hyde Park School spelling bee.

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