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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Around Town: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare and middle school students don’t usually get paired together successfully. However, the Wyoming Middle School Drama Department, under the unwavering leadership of Deondra Means of The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, mounted a fresh, fun production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream for packed audiences. The fresh take on this old classic had the characters all residing in the 1960’s – complete with beatniks, hippies, go-go boots, and lots of Mad Men inspired attire. The students had to learn to deliver 400-year-old lines while donning fringed vests and tie dyes. The addition of 1960’s pop tunes made the production even more fun. Congratulations to all involved for a successful play!

The girls’ green room was a flurry of energy, make-up, hairspray, and smiles during each of the three shows.

The boys’ green room mastered the art of making middle schoolers appear to have facial hair. 

Sophia, Erin, and Ada oversaw the front of house operations and decorations. 

Middle school students operate every aspect of the technical production – here Avi and Lucy operate the light board.

Zach, Ian, Sandhya, and Zoe were full of smiles (and some tears) after closing night. Photo by Ed Goode.

“The Workers” were dressed as beatniks for the production, and they had some of the largest laughs in the show. Photo by Ed Goode.

The Tech Crew was only seen for the final bows, but they worked hard as a team throughout every show. Photo by Ed Goode.

Hollis, Mirabelle, and Peter moved the set pieces in between the scenes.  Photo by Ed Goode. 

Narrators Sophie and Kendra helped move the plot along by explaining the action in between the scenes. Photo by Ed Goode.

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