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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Word on the Street

This past fall, Wyoming played host to eight high school students from Kharkiv, Ukraine. As they immersed into the daily life as a Wyoming High School student, there was lots to learn about life as an American teenager. We asked them on their last night in America, “What was the most surprising thing you learned about life in Wyoming?” Their answers are a great reminder to appreciate the little things we take for granted.
“Nobody has fences! Wyoming High School is so beautiful. Our school is older. We spend the whole day in one room, but at Wyoming you move around. No lockers in Ukraine – we have large wardrobe in our classroom. And we can’t choose our own classes. On Halloween in Ukraine we don’t go to other houses like American Halloween. Halloween is better in America because not all scary costumes – even saw a girl dressed as a cake!”

“You can drive in America at 16. In Ukraine you have to be 18!”

“School was very interesting and unusual. Everyone at school is very open and asks a lot of questions.”

“It is a very calm and quiet neighborhood – nice and comfortable. This surprised me because I come from a big city.”

“The people – all Americans are friendly and kind and open to everyone. That was very surprising to me.”

“You have a very big school. That is unusual for Ukraine.”

“First, it is cool. Second, people – very friendly, very kind. Very new to me that people are so, so friendly!”

“I think people always want to meet you – not as much in the Ukraine. In the city (Wyoming) – surprised that everybody knows each other!”

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