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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Secret Life of Girls February 16-24

The CenterStage Players, formerly Wyoming Players, is producing a show that is all too real for today's students. The Secret Life of Girls is a story about bullying in today's digital age that is a part of everyday life for teens. Karen Vanover, the show's director, chose this show because she wanted to spotlight the challenges of growing up today. This show features a cast of local, young ladies from across Cincinnati who wanted to share what life can be like as a teenager and offer a solution to the difficulties that they see people experience from bullying. While the topics may be serious, it is a great way to start the discussion around bullying with the young adults in your life.
We interviewed Ainsley of Wyoming Middle School who plays the role of Kayla in the show. Here’s what she has to say.

Don’t miss this new production in February featuring Wyoming actors.

How is this different than other young adult plays?
“Most plays with children/young adults in them are light, carefree topics, this play is about a very serious and true topic.” 

Why should your peers see this show?
“I think my peers should see this because I think it can help them see how maybe they can prevent this or see how their words and actions affect other people, even when you think they don't. I myself have said something that hurt someone’s feelings and I never meant for that to happen.”

Why should your parents see this show?
“I think that most parents don't know that these things happen, or they think that their child could never do something mean to someone else. Parents need to see this because I think at some point, all of my friends have had something similar happen to them. Adults forget what it actually feels like to be bullied, and I really think that this show makes you connect with what the characters feel in the play.”

This script has gotten rave reviews across the United States and it will be great to see it with local actors. Some things said about this script:
"Take every female you know to see this play, then go somewhere and talk. It is a candid, stark, and artistically brutal look at bullying, peer pressure, self-abuse, and finding one's own value. … shocking and boldly written." -Better Than
 “If you have a daughter under 18, you need to see this show. And if she's over 11, you need to take her with you. Linda Daugherty's powerful script …[is] what many say the theater should be - a moment for reflection about what’s true and, in this case, dangerously hidden." -People Newspapers

This is a limited run show at Lockland High School Auditorium February 16-18 and 22-24. Tickets are $15 for adults and $12 for students, seniors, and military. Tickets can be ordered at We hope to see you at the show!

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