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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Submitted by Art Shilt

Long time Hyde Park residents Art and Diane Shilt recently celebrated their 50th anniversary.  The invitations, created by On Occasions in Hyde Park, said, “Celebrate with us at the Montgomery Inn, Montgomery, with cocktails, dinner and dancing.”  Other comments were, “No neckties...No gifts, but if so inclined a donation to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital would be appreciated.”
A lively group of 65 family and friends lit upthe social hour.  Family members came in from Tulsa OK, San Mateo CA, Florida and Dayton.  Friends arrived from California, Colorado, North Carolina and Tennessee.  

Family group photo at the anniversary celebration held at Montgomery Inn 
However, the distance prize went to Gert and Anna-Grethe Karlqvist who came from Sweden!  When our son David was 14 (now 46), he went to Sweden via a Children’s International Summer Exchange.  The Karlqvist son Nicklas and his parents were David’s host family.  Fortunately for both families, a lifetime friendship ensued with several visits back and forth.  Nicklas could not be with us at the anniversary celebration because he had a commitment as a pilot for Norwegian Airway.

Diane and Art Shilt on their wedding day, July 8, 1967

After the cocktail hour, short welcoming speeches were given by Diane, Art and David.  Our nine grandchildren each presented us with flowers, which was very special.  The gracious Montgomery Inn staff served a sumptuous dinner chosen from six entrees, highlighted by the fabulous ribs!  For dessert, we were able to bring in an anniversary cake from Servatii.

We love the 50s and 60s rock annd roll dance music, so Art compiled a list of favorites.  Then he turned to his good friend Dusty Rhodes (Hailton County Auditor now, but formerly a WSAI radio personality) who put them on tape.  Family and friends rocked the dance floor, which featured an unidentified family member doing splits three times!  Mercy!!

Diane and Art Shilt on their 50th anniversary

How did this matrimonial journey begin?  Diane was a senior at Miami University (OH) and Art was in graduate school there.  However, they actually met in a drug store on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale FL while enjoying spring break.  A chance meeting back at Miami led to a coke date at the Res-Student Union.  Two years later, they were married!

The Shilt children had this memory poster made, showing key people and events related to the day of their wedding.

Their loving relationship blossomed into years of mutual respect, featuring a fun-filled journey becoming best friends for life!  Their union has been blessed with children Adam, David and Andrea, plus nine grandchildren.  Diane and Art are humbled by their good fortune of 50 golden years...with more to come!

[Editor’s Note: The Shilts say they’ve lived in their Hyde Park home since December 1970, making them one of the two or three longest residents on the street.  They were thrilled recently to learn the donations received in their honor by Cincinnati Children’s stood at $1200.  
When asked the expected question as to how they explain the longevity of their marriage, Diane offered an unexpected - and most insightful - reply: “We’re there for each other.”
We offer our sincerest congratulations to this lovely - and loving - couple.]

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