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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Around Town: WSMA and CWC present Beats, Eats, and Treats

The Wyoming School Music Association (WSMA) banded with CWC, the Restaurant, on October 26 for their first joint fundraising event. The evening was an overwhelming success with over 60 Wyoming Middle School and Wyoming High School musicians performing to sold-out crowds – who were immensely enjoying the fabulous eats and treats from sister team Caitlin and Kelly’s restaurant. It was a win-win evening for all involved! Many thanks to CWC, the hard-working students, the talented teachers, the many volunteers, and all those who attended the event for making the evening a huge success.
Wyoming Middle School choir students performed selections from the recent school musical, Shrek Jr., at Beats, Eats, and Treats.    
The talented volunteers of WSMA were in full support of the event: Klarysa Benge, Kathleen Batsel, Lori Donnelly, and Penny Shore.    
These sixth grade string students made their performance debut at the event: Katie, Sarah, Molly, and Jillian.    
The ladies of the evening - Laura Coomer, Wyoming Strings Teacher, and Kelly Trush, CWC proprietor, co-hosted the successful event!    
The McMonigal family supported the event together. 
Suzy Henke and Caroline Bohme Hagenauer enjoyed the food, the drinks, AND the amazing music performances. 
The Wyoming High School Marching Band kicked off the evening with a rousing performance in the parking lot as guests entered.    
The fifth grade violin group was the opening act of the evening – and they did a great job!    
Maggie, Paige, and Madeleine performed as a strings trio for the crowds.    
The high school Glee Club not only performed an outstanding set, but they also rousingly supported their friends.    
Diego played guitar and sang at the event.    
Aiden and Hannah performed several pieces that brought a standing ovation from members of the audience.    
Joan Callahan and Tricia Lawrence were the friendly faces at the front entrance.      

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