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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Word With…. Terry Barnum

A Word With… features those who work in the Wyoming community, but who may not necessarily live in Wyoming. Wyoming Branch Library’s Teen Reference Librarian Terry Barnum answered our call after he was nominated by a Wyoming Middle School student who knew Terry from his time spent at WMS. Enjoy getting to know Terry!
Terry is the Wyoming Branch Library’s Teen Reference Librarian. He enjoys spending time with his wife and young boys.   
Name: Terry Barnum
Title: Teen Reference Librarian
Job Description:  My primary role at the Wyoming Branch Library is to provide reference and technical assistance to Wyoming and surrounding communities. Furthermore, I develop and implement services and programs geared towards customers 12 - 18 years of age. As a teen services specialist, I also work closely with our local schools to provide educational support and assist with the Middle School’s Tech Club and luncheon activities.
Years in this position: Four plus years

What was your path leading to your current career in Wyoming?
"I worked at the Symmes Township Branch Library as a Senior Library Services Assistant while obtaining my MLIS through Kent State. After graduating I was specifically looking for a position in teen services that offered opportunities for community outreach and engagement. It just so happened that I was at the right time/place when the Teen Reference Librarian position came open at the Wyoming Branch Library and the rest is history!"

What is the best book you have read this year?
"The Hate U Give is hands down the best book I’ve read this year. A very raw and compelling story of how social injustice still exists in the world and that we can all do better at making our world a better place to live. Perspective is everything and this book gives you just that!"

What is your favorite book to recommend to others?
"A book that you can almost guarantee that I’ll recommend is The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Despite being known as one of the most depressing books around, it explores the extent a father will go to maintain his son’s innocence in a world filled with chaos, destruction, and cannibalism."

What is your favorite movie? 
"Despite the fact that it may be one of the cheesiest fantasies to date, I would have to go with Willow. This epic fantasy is one of Val Kilmer’s early roles and also includes one of my favorite actors, Warwick Davis, who is also known for his roles in The Leprechaun and the Harry Potter series."

Who would you cast to play you in a movie about your life?
"Without a doubt it would have to be Michael Pena."

Who was your favorite teacher – and why?
"My second grade teacher, Mr. Johnson. He was a very inspiring teacher and made every effort to connect with his students inside the classroom and out. I can recall him coming to many church and school competitions to root for my brothers and I."

What is one thing the Wyoming community does not know about you?
"Admittedly I am not a Cincinnati native. I was born and raised in the barren desert of San Bernardino, California. A city where seeing a tumble weed blowing across the street or discovering a snake in your home was not uncommon."

What is your guilty pleasure to binge watch on television?
"Survivor is definitely one of my guilty pleasures when it comes to television. Often times I find myself saying, “Oh I can do that” or “how hard can it really be…” but 35 seasons have passed without a single application from this Librarian."

What business or resource would you love to see in Wyoming?
"I would love to see a locally owned coffee shop in town that would allow more locations for our youth to hangout and congregate, maybe offer an open mic night for our teens to showcase their music, etc."

What is your New Year’s resolution?
"My New Year’s resolution has carried over from the past five years: exercise more. It is challenging to find time to exercise or be more active when you work full time and have two young boys. While I have made a dent in this resolution, I can always do better. Who says you can’t rollover resolutions, right?"

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