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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Hyde Park Resident Celebrates Years as a Community Volunteer

by Grace DeGregorio

Christina Thomas, a long time resident of Hyde Park, has devoted 55 years, a good portion of her life, to volunteering throughout the community.

Christina Thomas

“Everything I can do for people, I do,” she comments while sharing the many ways she has contributed to a variety of churches and non-profits.  Christina, who comes from a family that gave to others, has engaged in charitable works since childhood.  It was common for her to visit those who were homebound and to organize bake sales and solicit donations for those in need.  

As an adult, Christina has always served her church on a variety of committees, driving parishioners to medical and other appointments, visiting the sick and taking an active part in festivals and other fundraising efforts.  She also helps clean the church, rectory and halls - and even lends a festive touch decorating for holidays.  At retirement and nursing homes, Christina has spent time with the residents and helping where needed.  

Several years ago, The Elias and Zelpha Thomas Retreat House was built at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford thanks to a donation Christina made in honor of her parents.

Along with all these and other efforts, Christina brings genuine kindness, compassion and cheerfulness that uplift the lives of those she touches.  “After 55 years of volunteering, I’m asked by people, ‘Why don’t you quit?’  There aren’t many volunteers, and they’re needed.  I was brought up that way.”

During this season of giving, Christina provides a worthy model to emulate.

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