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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Debutantes Announced at Recent Tea

Debutantes:  Row 1 - Meghan Leonard, Meghan Byrne (Hyde Park), Elizabeth Pease, Phoebe Schiff; Row 2 - Lily Hill, Jane Brooks (Hyde Park), Katherine Sharp, Catherine Sanders; Not Pictured - Kathleen Finn (East Walnut Hills) and Katie Byrne (Hyde Park)
The Bachelors Board of Governors were pleased to announce the names of the upcoming group of Debutantes.  The Announcement Tea, where the families and young ladies were recognized, was held recently.  The Cotillion, where they will be formally introduced at their debuts, will be held at the Hall of Mirrors at the Netherland Plaza on December 23.  

The Bachelors is a group of 50 men, ages 21‑30, organized for the purpose of socializing in a gentlemanly fashion. The group was founded in 1928 by several prominent young men who wished to thank the parents of the debutantes of that year for the grand parties to which they were invited. This tradition continues today with The Bachelors presenting the debutantes at the Cotillion in December.

From Hyde Park are Mr. Kyle Brooks with his Son Will and Daughter Jane 

From Hyde Park are Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Byrne with their Daughter Meghan. Not pictured: Katie Byrne, also Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Finn and their Daughter Kathleen (East Walnut Hills) 

Bachelors Board of Governors: Daniel Deboe (Secretary - East Walnut Hills) , Paul R. Krehbiel Jr. (President), Rob Cassidy (East Walnut Hills), Drew Pierce (Treasurer). Not pictured: Michael Sewell (Hyde Park) and Hume Jamison (Vice President)

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