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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Heartfelt Poem About the Neighborhood

By Kacey Schmitt

I was walking my dog, Shamrock, one late December night last year through Hyde Park Square.  The Square was silent, but all lit up with holiday lights.  It was a beautiful sight.  Most of the verses came to me in my head while I walked along.  I came home and typed them up.  The next day, I added a couple of lines and sent out the poem to my neighbors.  A few suggested that I send it in to Hyde Park Living, so here it is below:

I have lived with my husband, Mike in the Mt. Lookout/Hyde Park area for over 30 years.  We have three grown children - Emily, Max and Frank - who now live in NYC, Charlotte, NC; and Chicago.  They all love coming home to Cincinnati, though, and are amazed at all the fun changes.
I, like many Hyde Parkers, love gardening, running and walking my dog.  I enjoy being a member of the Cincinnati Woman's Club and a parishioner of Christ the King church.                   

           My Favorite Things of Hyde Park

Bright lights around the fountain and strung through tree tops,
Beautiful window displays in all the quaint shops,
Old fashioned lampposts that light my way in the dark,
These are a few of my favorite things of Hyde Park.

Late night burgers at Arthurs,
Early meetings at the Echo,
Happy hours at Tellers, the bar at Alfios,
Guitar night at Awakenings, around the fire pits at Unwind,
These are all some of my favorite places to dine.

Of course, eating Graeter’s on the Square is the most famous pasttime, 
While watching dozens of runners whiz by in a line.
Wherever you walk, there are dogs on parade and neighbors to greet;
The friendly firefighters are on the corner with endless dog treats.
Old fashioned lampposts that light my way in the dark,
These are a few of my favorite things of Hyde Park.

At the end of June, the Hyde Park Blast gets better each year.
I love running the race, cheering the cyclists and boogying to the band while drinking a beer!
On Sundays mornings in the summer, the Farmers’ Market is second to none.
Who knew picking out vegetables and baked goods could be so much fun?
The Hyde Park Art Show in the fall is certainly the best all around,
To check out beautiful paintings, sculptures and jewelry, crowds converge from all over town.
Old fashioned lamppost that light my way in the dark, 
These are all a few my favorite things of Hyde Park.

So when the traffic bites and the taxes sting, when I think of my mortgage and feel I’ve been had;
I just think of my favorite things of Hyde Park and then I don’t feel so bad!

Happy New Year 2018!
From Kacey Schmitt

Kacey Schmitt with Shamrock (left) and their neighbors Priscilla Ungers with Izzy (right) by the Kilgour Fountain on a cold December day

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