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Friday, November 3, 2017

Christopher Marcus at the Madison : A Twin Venture

By Connie Springer

 “The daily activity that detracts most from happiness is commuting,” pundit David Brooks once observed.

The Neff brothers welcome you to Christopher Marcus at the Madison. 

No wonder Mark and Matt Neff, identical twins and partners in the two Christopher Marcus salons, are so happy. The brothers live in separate condos on the penthouse floor of the Madison House in Hyde Park. Their daily commute consists of pushing an elevator button taking them down to the lobby of the building, exiting out the door, and turning right. They are then poised to enter their workplace, the Christopher Marcus Salon at the Madison.

Mark, the stylist and educator of the duo, owned the original Christopher Marcus salon in Hyde Park Square for almost 11 years. He has lived at the Madison House for 15 years.

Ringing the elevator to get to work - right from the comfort of their home!
Matt, the marketing guru, just moved back to Cincinnati last May after leaving his longtime position with TravelClick as a Regional Vice President of Sales to work with his brother in opening the Christopher Marcus Salon at the Madison House. 

Matt says he clocked 108 business airplane trips last year from his Miami base making work visits to Washington, D.C., New York, Charleston and Orlando. He is overjoyed that now his travel entails pushing an elevator button. 

As identical twins, Matt and Mark’s connection is so close and intuitive they work seamlessly together to make each client feel comfortable and pampered. A glass of champagne or white wine greets clients at every visit. 

The Madison House site is designed as a “new talent salon.” Mark interviewed and hired a core group of recent graduates from the Aveda Hair School where he himself was trained. The new personnel, both hair stylists and aestheticians, will go through an 8 to 12 month program under Mark’s tutelage in order to professionalize their skills in a luxury salon and spa setting.  Clients can make appointments for hair, nail, skin care or waxing services with either highly experienced master staff or for a reduced rate with new talent. 

You’ll feel welcome and pampered from the moment you are greeted by the salon receptionist. 
When Matt joined the team as Chief Revenue Officer overseeing all operations, marketing and revenue management for both salons, the first thing that struck him was “everyone was happy here.” The culture of Christopher Marcus salons, Matt observes, is to be equally positively focused on clients and employees, making for a truly enjoyable work environment.

Mark now spends 100% of his time in the new Madison House location and is pleased that all of his clients followed him from Hyde Park Square to the new salon. As a perk, the salon offers Madison House residents 10% off all services.

One of the stylists discussing options with a customer

The two salons have a different focus: Christopher Marcus on the Square is all about hair cutting and styling, whereas the Madison salon is both a hair salon and a full day spa, offering skin care, massage, nails and waxing.  The Director of Spa Services is Neva Rogers, the well-known skin care specialist.

In his role as Chief Revenue Officer, Matt wants to make the two already very successful salons even better. The brothers want to add more services, such as detox and body wraps, and are entertaining the thought of possibly having a third location someday. 

The salon at the Madison offers both hair and spa services - such as manicures.

Having worked diligently to streamline procedures and protocols, including using daily checklists in their operation, Mark and Matt wouldn’t discount the possibility of someday setting up a franchise of the Christopher Marcus salon. For now Matt says he wants to make the two Hyde Park locations the finest they can be and let the future unfold.

Christopher Marcus at the Madison is located at 2324 Madison Road, Unit 1.  Please call 513-297‑6948 or visit

Christopher Marcus Salon on Hyde Park Square is located at 2729 Erie Avenue.  Please call 513-321‑4271 or visit

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