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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Rick Vogel Chairing National Meeting

At the Ohio Society of Colonial Wars Memorial Day event, Rick Vogel of Hyde Park announced meeting planning is underway and urged volunteers to join the hosting committee.

Hyde Park’s William Montgomery, Ohio Society Membership Chair, announced an upcoming casual event at which current members can socialize over beer and snacks and invite prospective members. 

Hyde Park’s Rick Vogel is chairing the national meeting of the Society of Colonial Wars in May of 2018. The four‑day meeting will take place in Cincinnati, with hundreds of Society members attending from around the country.

The national meeting gives leadership in the various states a chance to discuss Society business and gives members a chance to socialize and share ideas and to learn about the history of the Cincinnati area.  Vogel is responsible for a cultural schedule for spouses as well as the member schedule.

The Society of Colonial Wars focuses on pre‑Revolution America. It holds social and cultural events related to that era and fosters study of the Colonial era in schools. Members are men who trace their ancestry to military or civic leaders in America’s Colonial era and like to explore that era and their connections to it. Spouses participate in many of these events. Some wives also trace ancestry to America’s Colonial era and belong to Colonial Dames organizations.

For information about membership in the Society of Colonial Wars, contact William Montgomery,

Serving in the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s were (top row) E.B. Lunken, Army Aviation, Vietnam; Dr. Wayne Lippert, Medical Corps, Vietnam; Dr. Warren G. Harding III, Naval Reserve Medical Corps; David Sanders, Navy Cargo Handling. (Middle row) Prescott Bigelow III, Marines in Lebanon and Vietnam; Burt Closson and Bud Bailey, Hyde Park, both Army in Korea.. (Front row) Dr. Donald Hawley, Hyde Park, Navy hospital physician; Jay Mickam, Mansfield, Cavalry Ordnance, Vietnam; Phil Dickinson, Hyde Park, Marines tank battalion, Vietnam; Dick Duval, Army medic between the Korean and Vietnam Wars.
Two Hyde Park residents and Colonial Wars members at the Memorial Day event are also World War II veterans. They are Dr. Donald Hawley, Navy physician (in training during the war), and Robert McCormick, Marines, along with John Zinke, Navy pilot.

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