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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Magnified Giving Grants Provide a Record $133,922 in Funding to Local Charities

Students from Clark Montessori present a grant check from Magnified Giving to their chosen charity Elementz.
Magnified Giving, a 501(C)3 educational organization whose mission is to educate, inspire and engage students in life‑long philanthropy, announced it concluded its 2017 Student Philanthropy program by providing grants totaling $133,922 to benefit 103 local charities, some receiving multiple grants. The 2017 program included 81 middle and high schools in the region, involving more than 3,500 students in the process of evaluating non‑profits and making informed choices to award funding.
“This continues to be exciting times for Magnified Giving’s mission and youth philanthropy in our community,” stated Kelly Collison, Executive Director. “We’re delighted to have passed the $500,000 threshold in grants issued this year for the history of Magnified Giving, as it reflects the growth of our program, our impact and the engagement of schools and students in this life‑changing effort. The model we’ve created in the local community continues to affirm that philanthropy can and should be taught. We’re pleased that we’ve helped thousands of high school students engage with local charities and develop a personal mission focused on helping others in need. It is the donors who believe in our important work who make it possible to support our community charities and educate the next generation at the same time. That is how the giving is magnified.”
Magnified Giving’s program allows participating students to see the needs of local non‑profits, and to use funds provided by the organization to provide grants to the charities they assess and select. Students at more than 80 regional high schools implemented this program throughout the school year, presenting their chosen charities with the granted funds at the end of the process. This proven methodology educates students in the process of philanthropy, expands their knowledge of charities, and engages them personally in making a lasting impact in the local community. The goal is to transform students to become life‑long philanthropists.
Magnified Giving concluded the 2016/2017 program with a series of Grant Presentation Award Ceremonies at which students were able to present a grant check to their recipient agency(ies). Magnified Giving would like to acknowledge United Dairy Farmers (which provided ice cream for each event, the official ice cream of Magnified Giving).
For a list of the local charities that received funds through Magnified Giving’s 2017 Student Philanthropy program please visit
Schools reported Magnified Giving’s program was a great success for their participating staff and students. More than 3,500 high‑school and middle‑school age students participated in Magnified Giving’s 2017 Student Philanthropy program, including the following local schools:  Clark Montessori,  Purcell Marian, Springer Middle School, St. Ursula Academy, The Summit Country Day School and Withrow PLC.
Donor gifts are needed to support this life‑changing mission, and to maximize the benefit of the matching gift opportunity. Those interested in supporting Magnified Giving, sponsoring a school program or providing any resources for operational support are asked to contact Kelly Collison at 513‑733‑9727 or Donations can be made online at

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