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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Former Educator “Re-fires” His Dreams in Real Estate

By Grace DeGregorio

Phil Hackett

Long-time Hyde Park resident Phil Hackett spent 43 years of his life in education, 28 of them with Sycamore Schools.  When he retired after 21 years at the EH Greene Intermediate School, he already had a plan for his future.

“Years ago I made a choice between real estate and education,” he explains.  Having done the one, he now is moving into the other.  “How lucky to be able to transition into a career you love!”

Phil says he and his wife Jane made plans in advance about when they’d retire.  “You have to have a plan - about five years out,” says Phil, “not only financial but what you want to do with the rest of your life.”

He started his new career by getting his real estate license - 96 hours of study at Hondros College in West Chester.  Diligent in his studies - as a former educator, how could he not be - Phil says he took each practice test nine times!  “When I took the actual test, I passed it the first time.”

His niece Amy Roe suggested he join Sibcy Cline Realtors.  Phil now is a sales associate in the Hyde Park office, managed by David Hummel and Rob Mahoney.

A resident of Hyde Park, Phil is happy to represent his neighborhood - as well as other areas of the city - as a Sibcy Cline realtor.
“My specialty is residential real estate - and business is picking up!” says Phil, who expresses confidence in being associated with Sibcy Cline which offers what the company calls a One-Stop Service - everything from website exposure, mortgage services, a title agency and second story auctions - that support both the client and the professional.

Phil believes his many years in education, with the countless diverse situations he experienced, allowed him to develop attributes that lend themselves to his new career in real estate. “I know our community well.  My reputation is based on trust and integrity, and it was earned by taking a personal interest in every individual who entered my office or the school.  These experiences have provided me with strong communication skills and a sincere interest in people and the important decisions they make in life.”

While he says, “I make it a point to keep in touch with colleagues at Sycamore,” Phil adds “I have made new friends at Sibcy Cline.  It’s really a family organization, starting with Rob Sibcy.  

One retirement issue that may bring apprehension to couples is being together all day/every day“It’s good [for a couple] to do separate things, but you also should find things that can bring you together.” Phil and Jane are looking into volunteer activities they can contribute to as well as being lifelong learners. “We want to travel, especially to Australia and New Zealand.”

Other observations Phil shares about retirement are to “set a goal to reach for each day.  Keep healthy - pay attention to things like the Silver Sneakers programs that offer free memberships at fitness clubs.  I take swimming lessons to learn good technique - it’s a good sport for the joints.

“I’m busier than I ever thought I’d be in retirement, but it’s a different pace. I love that I’m able to get to continue my experience with people - real estate is the perfect job for that.  I love helping people make such a huge decision as a home purchase.”

When you retire, Phil concludes, “The word ‘dream’ is a good one to use.  I’m not ‘retiring,’ I’m ‘re-firing.

“You need to do what makes you happy.”

Do you have plans for YOUR retirement?  Or are you living out the plans you made before retiring?  Please email to tell us your story you think readers might find interesting for a possible future article in our magazine.  We’re also looking for photos of activities in which you participate and/or travel photos from trips you’ve taken (please provide captions).  Thanks!

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