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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Otto Warmbier's Farewell to His Swimming Days

This was written by Otto and his family in 2013 and was announced at his senior swim meet as his farewell to his swimming days.  
The Swordfish season was dedicated to the memory of Swordfish Swim Coach Otto Warmbier.

“Otto began swimming for the Wyoming Swim Club as an eight and under after the coach of the Powel Crosley Jr. Y.M.C.A. Tigersharks, Mike Leonard, encouraged him to be a swimmer. At that time, he couldn’t swim well, so he took private lessons - as his lone client Robbie does now. Otto still has a record time hanging in the snack bar. Of course it’s a relay - he couldn’t have done it by himself. He has attributed the success to a lucky leopard print towel, which is still used today. As a middle schooler, some of Otto’s best friends were his swim buddies, although Mr. Competitive was always mad when they beat him. Otto swam for the PCY Tigersharks until ninth grade. We have always loved watching and cheering for Otto - in school, sports, and now as a coach. Otto will be attending The University of Virginia this fall. However, the memories of his time at the Wyoming Swim Club won’t be soon forgotten.”    

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