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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Around Town: Wyoming Swim Club Swordfish Swim and Dive Team

The dive team supported the younger divers by cheering poolside.
The summer 2017 Wyoming Swim Club Swim and Dive team was a mix of extreme highs… and one major low. The high points of the season none will soon forget with a record-breaking dive finals earning the Swordfish first place bragging rights for yet another year. As the only dive team in Wyoming, the team is popular, so the Swordfish coaches, Rebekah Schuholz and Bo Bottenhorn added senior diver Charlie Donnelly to round out the dive team coaching staff. 

Senior and Dive Coach Charlie Donnelly watched the dive meet with the Mouch brothers, Nicholas and Elliot, who received the highest dive award, The Scott Oury Award.
Other high points of the season were made at the Disney theme meet with the costume parade, as well as the barnyard theme meet and superheroes finals. Swordfish always have a great time at their shaving cream-filled team party and their Friday Fun Day breakfasts. The end of the year banquet and slideshow was a reminder of all the wonderful memories made.

The 2017 season also experienced an extreme low with the passing of former Swordfish swimmer and swim coach Otto Warmbier. Otto was not only a Swordfish swimmer for over ten years, but he was also an “eight and under” coach for two seasons. The news of Otto’s death was particularly hard on the 12 and under age groups as most of the young swimmers had been coached by Otto only a few years ago. The young athletes made cards, decorated posters, and signed banners for the family. Swimmers wrote “Otto Strong” on their arms with sharpies. They gave it their all “for Otto” in an effort to come together and heal. Other Private Pool Swim League pools gave heartfelt acknowledgements to the Warmbiers as well - such as the Madeira Swim Club which decorated their pool in Wyoming blue and white ribbons. Otto will always be in the hearts of his Swordfish family, and the season was dedicated to Otto’s memory with the mantra, “Once a Swordfish, always a Swordfish.”

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Swim Coach Nick Denson was popular with all the swimmers, but particularly this wild group of tween boys.

Senior diver Charlie Donnelly was not only a great diver this season, but he was also a coach for the dive team.  
The Disney divers had great fun dressing up in full costume and then diving under their Disney alias. 

The Disney princesses were ready to compete. 

These boys were ready for their relay.

Ella, Sarah, and Sophia were all smiles on team picture day.

Swim meets are 50% sport and 50% social for most teens.

All in!  These younger Swordfish and Junior Swordfish brought smiles to the coaches faces every morning. 

Showing off their Swordfish tattoos at the team party were Payton, Ava, and Caroline. 

Even eating ice cream sundaes with the coaches was action packed silliness.

The shaving cream party was the team favorite memory of the season.

Charlie Brennan won the first game of the evening at the team party and the coveted prize was her own can of shaving cream. 

The Zimmerly family was in attendance to support diver Anna with mom Kira and sister Leah. 

Congratulations to these Swordfish Coaches Award Winners!:

Swim:  Evan Hagenauer, Sofia Kreimer, Henry Chemero, Caroline Rummer, Frannie Miller, Sarah Omidvar, Collin Schmidt, Olive Barry, Patrick Cavanaugh, Charlie Brennan, Will Gorentz. 

Dive: Olive Barry, Will Spera, and Ella Bachman.

Special Team Awards: Charlie Donnelly (Irene Dundon Swim Award), Jillian Siler and Will Spera (Nan Buckner Swim Award), and Elliot and Nicholas Mouch (Scott Oury Dive Award)

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