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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Around Town: Wyoming Seadragons Swim Team

The middle school girls of the Seadragons were having as much fun out of the water as in the water.
Story by April Robles. Photos by Jason Miller.

The Wyoming Seadragons, the swim team based out of the Wyoming Recreation Center, had a terrific 2017 summer season! The team won every swim meet and placed second overall in the Northern Suburban Swim League! Led by our Head Coach, Jen Golden, and Assistant Coach, Ally Golden, and age group coaches Stephen Barret, Carson Burt, Camy Miller, Cathy Black, Claire Carmichael, Dion Thornton, and Michaela Elliot our 195 athletes learned the fundamentals of stroke technique, swimming competitively, all while enjoying friendship and sportsmanship. Athletes ranged in ages from four to 18 years old.

Isabella and Chloe played cards in the downtime between their events.
Some notable highlights from the season: Celebrating the Zwissler/Burt Family for their support and contributions to the team over the years, recognizing senior swimmers Carson Burt and Dion Thornton, and watching Junior Seadragon swimmers graduate to Seadragon status and compete in their first swim meet. We had a blast swimming and enjoying various theme nights during home swim meets including Willy Wonka, Superheroes, and Seadragon Pride. We are very thankful for all of the families that support this great swim team. The Wyoming Seadragons are looking forward to hosting the League Championship Swim Meet on July 16-17, 2018.

Thanks to Jason Miller, the Seadragons have many great action photos from the season.

The Seadragon parent volunteers were decked out in neon vests to corral the younger kids at the twice a week swim meets.

Laughs and smiles were easy to find on the pool deck.

The dreaded “googles falling off” happened to the best of swimmers.

The high school swimmers had a blast this summer.

Corralling the kids with a smile was a mandatory volunteer job.

Coach Ally gave feedback to her swimmers post-race.

Carson Burt graduated from the team this year after many years of being a Seadragon – congratulations!

Snacking between events was a swim meet favorite pastime. 

April and Anne were in charge of the scorer’s table. 

Mikaela Elliott swam the butterfly – she also swims for PCY Tigersharks and Wyoming High School.

The youngest spectator enjoyed the excitement of the meet.

These boys were ready for action.

Swim meets waits can be long… which can often lead to impromptu dancing on the pool deck. 

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